Cultural visit



  – Monday to Saturday: 10:00h – 21:00h (last access 20:30h)

– Sunday: 12:30 – 21:00 (last access 20:30h)


Bell tower

Monday to Thursday: 12.00 h y 17.00 h

Friday: 12.00 h, 17.00 h y 18.00 h

Saturday: 12.00 h, 13.00 h, 17.00 h y 18.00 h

Sunday: 13.00 h, 17.00 h y 18.00 h

  • Monday to Thursday: 12: 00/13: 00/17: 00/18: 00
  • Friday: 12: 00/13: 00/16: 00/17: 00/18: 00
  • Saturday: 11: 00/12: 00/13: 00/17: 00/18: 00/19: 00
  • Sunday: 13.00 / 16: 00/17: 00


Entrance prices

○ General: 7.00€
○ Seniors above 65 years of age: 6.00€
○ Reduced – from 12-18 years of age (university students up to 25 years of age): 5.50€
○ Groups: 4.00€
○ Residents in Ávila, people with disability and children under 12 years of age – FREE
○ School Groups: 2.50€




Audio Guide and Group Guide Service (included in the entrance price)

Tourist visits to the Cathedral of Ávila require the obligatory use of a guide. We offer an audio guide accompanied by accredited guides for group visits, as well as audio guides for individual visitors.

The tour is unique and a must-see with the adequate and permanent lighting installed. The Audio Guide and Radio Guide Service are included in the entrance price. All of our devices offer a high level of audio quality.

Our audio scripts combine historical research and cultural sensitivities that are sure to exceed visitors’ expectations. We’ll provide you with an educational, pleasant and enjoyable tour.


Audio guides for children


Tour. Cultural visit

Next, we´ll recreate the interior of the Cathedral so that you can see the different points of interest included in the audio guide.
Hover your cursor over the numbers to see the corresponding image and click to expand the information.

1. Welcome.
2. Nave and main door.
3. Baptistery, chapels of piety and conception.
4. Retrochoir.
5. Chapel of Saint Ildefonso.
6. Chapel of Saint Teresa or Saint Blaise.
7. Cathedral evocation.
8. Ambulatory.
9. Tomb of Alonso de Madrigal, known as «el Tostado».
10. Secret passage.
11. Crossing.
12. Saint Anatolia chapel.
13. Saint Peter chapel.
14. Wells a legend of love.
15. Choir
16. Altar of Saint Segundo / Saint Catherine.
17. Main Chapel.
18. The Cathedral and the Wall.
19. Chapel of the tabernacle.
20. San Bernabé chapel «sacristy».
21. The Chapel of the Cardinal «Museum».
22. Juan de Arfe monstrance.
23. New chapter house.
24. Cloister.
25. Cloister chapels.
26. Farewell.


Visit the bell tower

The new visit includes:

○ Visit to the bell tower.
○ Visit to the house of the bell tower.
○ Views of the cathedral layout from above.
○ Panoramic views of the entire city.
○ Group of bells, bell tower.
○ Mezzanine of the cathedral vaults.

The new visit to the bell tower includes access to the house of the bell tower, the mezzanine of the vaults of the Cathedral and the bell tower. All visits are guided and will have an added charge of two Euros in addition to general admission to the Cathedral.



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